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Healthcare conversion copywriting service

Where expert healthcare and purpose-driven knowledge meet powerful storytelling. Elevate your brand, outshine your competition and drive direct response.

Expert healthcare and purpose-driven knowledge meets powerful storytelling: Elevate your brand, outshine your competition and drive direct response. 

Expert healthcare and purpose-driven knowledge meets powerful storytelling: Elevate your brand, outshine your competition and drive direct response. 


Need a dose of creative and
engaging healthcare content?

As a marketer, your plate is constantly full with stakeholder management, strategy meetings and that ever-moving Kanban board. The fast-paced world of healthcare and pharma adds another layer of complexity, where content strategies can change in a flash, leaving you scrambling to find an industry-savvy copywriter at the eleventh hour.


That's where I step in!

With over 5 years of experience in the field, I specialise in working with digital marketers just like you, providing a friendly and professional service that delivers assets on time.

Streamline your brand-building efforts with a trusted healthcare copywriter

Accurate and Compliant

You'll receive accurate copy that effortlessly sails through compliance, infused with a healthy dose of empathy and, if necessary, a touch of wit.

Engaging Content

From SEO blogs to web copy, I create captivating content that remains true to the brand's voice, hitting your target audience right in the feels, whether you're talking to HCPs or looking for patient engagement.

Maximise Opportunities

I don't just stop at writing. If you find yourself creatively blocked, I'm here to brainstorm ways to maximise  your content strategy and identify any untapped opportunities.

Herbal Pills
"You've got us back onto page 1 of Google in the UK for the keyword vitiligo! Thank you!"

Simon  Parker – Chairman, The Vitiligo Society


You're working with a pro

Hi, I'm Max,

Your digital conversion copywriter and SEO specialist with 10+ years of industry experience – from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society to the Health Research Authority.

When you hire me, you're hiring a professional, experienced copywriter with over 5 years in the business. I can hit the ground running because I know where to go to get the relevant information, and I'm always keeping abreast of industry trends – from healthcare to pharmaceuticals.

I train with the likes of Copyhackers, Hubspot and Tamsin Henderson, meaning you get the latest strategies and content.


Growth, knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest copywriting techniques, Google updates and clinical research not only helps me become a go-to copywriter, but also means you receive quality, reliable copy.  

So now you can get back to work knowing that it's all in good hands.

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Worked with and trusted by...

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This is not my side hustle, this is my career!

I'm always upskilling... so you receive the latest strategies and techniques to make your business soar.

Maxine Knight Writes Healthcare Copywrit
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Want to see more training credentials?


Why work with me?

Don't take shortcuts! Hiring a pro copywriter is the game-changer between words that sit on a page and words that ignite action!

Here are just six benefits of working with me as your freelance copywriter

Industry Expert

You get a copywriter with a deep understanding of healthcare terminology, enabling me to communicate complex medical concepts with clarity and precision. 


I'll handle the writing tasks efficiently, allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business.


I'm freelance, so you only pay for the work I produce, which can be a cost-effective option for your business.

SEO Optimisation

 With my knowledge of SEO best practices, I can ensure that your content is optimised for search engines.

Results-Driven Approach

I'm committed to helping you achieve tangible results. Whether it's driving website traffic or boosting conversions. Your success is my ultimate goal.

Timely Delivery

Like you, I understand the importance of meeting deadlines. I work diligently to deliver your high-quality copy on time.


If you're serious about unlocking your brand's potential, then invest in a copywriting pro today

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your copywriting rates?
    As you can imagine, each client will have individual requirements, so I have to factor in: technical skills research time whether I need to conduct interviews ​ ...the list goes on! This makes it a little difficult to set a standard flat rate. I will provide a customised quote based on your unique requirements. For ad hoc work, I generally charge an hourly rate, which typically ranges from £55 to £85 per hour. ​ When reaching out to me, it's best to provide as much detail as possible about your project so that I can accurately determine the appropriate rate. Don't worry if you miss something initially; I'm here to guide you through the process and gather all the necessary information to ensure the best possible outcome for your project.
  • What is your writing process?
    In order to directly market your product or services, I don’t write a single word until I truly understand your customers and the unique selling points of your brand. 1. Discovery and research The important bit and the bulk of my work. Using a combination of interviews, surveys and voice of customer research, I take a deep dive into your brand's current content and target audience so I can deliver the message in your brand voice. 2. Writing and editing Using a combination of collected data and persuasive copywriting formulas, I create copy that speaks directly to your customers. ​ 3. Validation and optimisation Taking your copy from 90% to 100% by running further tests to make sure you get the best version. 4. Over to you! Your copy is ready for sign off! Don't worry if it's not quite right, you'll get a free round of amendments. By using a combination of: voice of customer analysis psychology hard data analytics copywriting formulas ​ I’ll pull out the key benefits that belong in your copy and speak directly to your target audience. ​ Conversion copywriting isn't guesswork – it's a science!

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