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“Tell the readers a story! Because without a story, you are merely using words to prove you can string them together in logical sentences.” 

– Anne McCaffrey

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Maxine is an accomplished content creator and copywriter who has extensive experience within the health sector. I have also commissioned Maxine several times for my own business – with fab results. Highly recommended.


Juliet Francis – CEO, Juliet Francis PR


What if you could please your marketing clients and double your sales – all while reclaiming your time?

Regular Blogging on your business's website attracts new visitors through a variety of channels,  increasing your online visibility.


Do you need authoritative Healthcare Content?



I can assist with high ranking SEO Website Copy carefully crafted to guide readers seamlessly through your page.

  You're one step closer to receiving copy that converts!


You've got us back onto page 1 of Google in the UK for the keyword ‘vitiligo’! 
Thank you!


Simon Parker– Chairman, The Vitiligo Society


Hi, I'm Max

I’m a conversion copywriter with 10+ years of industry experience – from The Royal Pharmaceutical Society to the Health Research Authority.

Notebook and Pen

“Anyone who says writing is easy isn't doing it right.” 


― Amy Joy  

When you hire me, you're hiring a professional, experienced copywriter. I can hit the ground running because I know where to go to get the relevant information and I'm always keeping abreast of industry trends – from healthcare to pharmaceuticals.

So, who am I? 


Well, I’m a lover of happy art, history, culture and nerdy escape room games.


Guess what I also love that can directly help you too?

Training! I love me some training and have trained with the likes of Copyhackers, Hubspot and Tamsin Henderson.


Growth, knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest copywriting techniques, Google updates and clinical research not only helps me become a super-duper copywriter but also means you receive quality, reliable copy.  

So now... you can get back to work knowing that it's all in good hands.

Oh, and if you've never worked with a copywriter before, I'll guide you through the process from start to finish, with expert advice along the way, to help achieve your goals. 

Ask any questions you have and if I don't know the answer I'll happily find it.

Did I mention that I also love researching? Just throwing it out there.​

Maxine expertly tackled demanding healthcare briefs on tight deadlines and was a pleasure to work with. She not only delivered great quality copy that met the exacting style guidelines, but also conveyed complex information confidently and in an easily accessible way for the target audience. Working with Maxine very much felt like having an experienced member of the team on board; someone who we could trust to consistently provide excellent copy.


Lux Fatimathas – Content Manager, Cahoot Marketing

When it comes to hiring a copywriter you really do get what you pay for. Cutting corners can result in a complete waste of both time and valuable marketing budget.

 So if:


You've hired copywriters before only to find that they're not as experienced as expected.​


You're dealing with extensive marketing demands and you just need to hand work over, safe in the knowledge that your copy is being taken care of.


Your messaging is not connecting to your target audience and you don't know why.


The bounce rates on your website are high and conversion rates are low.


Your organic traffic is decreasing rather than increasing.


You're struggling to find the time to generate content ideas day after day. 


You're busy running a business and copywriting isn't your bag.

I can help you!

Quality content has the ability to gain the trust of your customers and reflects positively on your brand.

This is even more important for messaging designed to save lives.

'After using other services and being very disappointed with the outcomes, it was a blessing to be connected with Max!'


Ken Cheadle – Host, The Adverse Effect 

What if you could boost your sales without even trying?

Hey, want to know how it's done?


In order to directly market your product or services, I don’t write a single word until I truly understand your customers and the unique selling points.

By using a combination of:


  • 'voice of customer' analysis 

  • psychology

  • hard data analytics 

  • copywriting formulas.

I’ll pull out the key benefits that belong in your copy and speaks directly to your target audience.

This isn't guesswork; it's a science!

You need content? 


No problem!


Content ideation and blogging is a job in itself and I know where to get all the latest trends to build an authoritative relevant blog that builds organic traffic and keeps your prospects coming back for more.

Max has been an integral part of developing the 'voice' of The Vitiligo Society as she has led the copywriting creation for our website and a number of our digital marketing assets – including an 18k-word eBook. Max is truly a gifted wordsmith and a tenacious researcher. You can feel from her writing that she puts herself directly in the shoes of the reader, with both emotive and endearing qualities to her writing where relevant. She is our go-to writer, with a deep understanding of our tone of voice, and we look forward to continuing the partnership in the future. Thank you, Max!"


Simon Parker– Chairman, The Vitiligo Society

You're working with a pro!

Yeah, some people can write for a business, but it takes an experienced copywriter to really get inside the mind and heart of your target audience with persuasive copy that gets them saying a big phat “HELL YEAH!” 


And yes, I did spell fat p-h-a-t.

I'll work with you and members of your internal team to intimately understand your brand, so I can take your vision and cohesively translate it to your audience to pique their interest and keep them coming back for more.


As an extended member of your team, I'm essentially representing you, so it's important that I deliver quality work every time!


Sure, you can find a copywriter to write copy, but copywriting is far more than nice words. It's multilayered, enticing you in at the top while simultaneously guiding each decision-maker to the places they need to go.


A great copywriter will understand that transformational journey. 

So do you want to hire a pro?

This is not my side hustle, this is my career!

Maxine Knight Writes Healthcare Copywrit
Maxine Knight Writes Healthcare Copywrit

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