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Working with...The Gardens Trust: Social Media Content Consulting

Yeeeeeeessss!!!! My dream job just hit my inbox!!! The Gardens Trust has been working over the years to share their love and passion for historic gardens with a culturally diverse population.

With a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, they set up a series of events called Sharing Repton: Historic Landscapes for All.

Attendees at the events including families from the Somali community as well as other BAME members of the public enjoyed African drumming and belly dancing.

I have a great love for Black history, which I blog about (when I have the time) and created The WATS Line, so The Gardens Trust approached me to consult on some social media content they had produced.

The content covered historical mansion houses and their links to slavery. It was such an incredible brief as it got me immediately delving into my history books.

Plus, my client was absolutely lovely an added bonus!


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