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Ahh there you are, so you decided to cross over to the other side... 

Only kidding! The truth is I'm a boring mum of two small humans that are slowly trying to delete my soul. Don't worry, I love them so social services is not needed...at this stage...

Oh yeah and I loooove narrowboating – odd I know. But you should try it, it's as much fun as you can have at 2mph!


Nothing really sinister about me really, other than the fact I love horror movies. The only problem is... I'm too chicken to watch them on my own, so I usually have to enlist some unlucky sap to watch them with me – generally my poor husband. 

I also have a great love for literature... my entire existence has had a sprinkling of literature somewhere throughout.


Yes, yes – I know that sounds dramatic but, from the age of  4, I practically lived in my library.


Some of my best days were spent working in my local independent bookshop sipping tea and shooting the breeze.


Then came my grown-up jobs where I had to 'adult' in publishing houses such as The Royal Pharmaceutical Society.


I wonder if they ever really figured out that I have the mind of a 15-year-old boy? 

Anywho, so glad you stopped by to check out a little bit more about me.

In case you are also a lover of books, here are some of my top faves!


Day of the Triffids 

Secret History 

To Kill A Mockingbird 

Empty World 

The Catcher in the Rye 

Everything is Illuminated 

Long Song 

Oh and here are a couple of my other top faves!


The Invitation – When a dinner party goes left.

Aliens  – Not to be confused with Alien.

Terminator 2 – I have a thing for sequels.

The Goonies – "HEEEEY YOOOOU GUYS!!"

Line of Duty – Because I secretly want to be a Detective.

Black Mirror – I can't think of a smart alec comment.

Train to Busan – Who doesn't like zombies on a train?


Teacher's Pet


Who the Hell is Hamish

Crime Junkie 




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